Q1: Are Cadets expected to join the Canadian Armed Forces?

A1: Cadets are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces, nor are they expected to join the military. While they are introduced to Sea, Army and/or Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces and certain traditions, they are also introduced to many other respectable career choices that are available to them.

Q2: Why should youth join Cadets?

A2: Cadets offer challenges, friendship and adventure! It’s an opportunity to expand your own horizons, contribute to your community and make friends for life. Many former Cadets credit their participation in the program with giving them a head-start toward their successful careers.

Did you know that Canadian Astronauts Chris Hadfield, Marc Garneau and Jeremy Hansen are all former Cadets? Many other prominent community leaders, athletes and celebrities are former Cadets as well. To read more about our Cadet Alumni, please visit the Cadet Alumni section of this Website!

Q3: How old do I have to be to join Cadets?

A3:  You have to be at least 12 years old and under 19.  If you are 19 or older you can join as a Civilian Volunteer, Civilian Instructor or become a Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) officer.

Q4: Are there any registration fees?

A4: No. All activities from the Cadet Program are free as well is the uniform. Cadets and parents are asked to participate to our funding campaign throughout the year to help cover some of the fees that are not paid by the National Defence.

Q5: Will I have all the equipment required for an activity?

A5: Everything that is not considered a personal belonging such as toothbrush, shoes or clothes (excluding uniform) is lend by the Squadron.

Q6: What is the schedule during training nights?

A6: All cadets are required for 6:30 PM on Wednesdays and activities end for 9:15 PM. Two weekends are mandatory for all cadets: one in October and one May. Information is given to parents and tutors few weeks prior.

Q7: What are the possibilities during the summer?

A7: Depending on the cadet’s age and level, summer camps from 2 to 6 weeks are available to all cadets interested in participating. Many disciplines are offered: sports, aerospace, aircrew survival, music, gliding and more!

Q8: If I join cadets, what is the implication required?

A8: To follow all requirements of the program, you need to attend all mandatory activities such as training nights and survival. If you want to do more, we offer many optional activities during the week. Take look at our optional activities section to learn more.