Each year we must carry out fundraising activities in order to collect the necessary funding so that our cadets can participate in the following extra activities:

  • Sporting events
  • Competitions
  • Educational outings related to aviation, piloting, sport, biathlon, music, public speaking
  • Volunteering in the community

We also must cover the costs for the following:

  • Rental of meeting spaces
  • Maintenance of musical instruments
  • Organization of the Annual Parade
  • Rewards and recognition of cadets in order to encourage them to surpass themselves.

For the proper functioning of the Squadron, fundraising is of the utmost importance. Any donation or sponsorship would be greatly appreciated to help our young people pursue their dreams.

All donations are subject to a charitable receipt.

Beyond cash donations, the following are two ways you can help.


Each year the Air Cadets League of Canada facilitates a lottery. Books of tickets are available for sale each year until the spring when a drawing is held. There is always a large grand cash prize as well as up to five additional chances to win cash.

We encourage cadets and their parents to both purchase lottery books and sell tickets and entire books to friends, family and coworkers.

Please speak to a member of the sponsoring committee or an officer to purchase your lottery books.


Funding through FundScrip presents an effortless way to support the squadron without any direct cost to you.

Simply buy gift cards for your regular expenses, everyday shopping or gifts, and a portion of the card’s value is contributed to the squadron by the respective retailer.

When you purchase a $100 gift card, the squadron benefits from a $2 donation.

Choose from over 120 retailers that cater to your consumption preferences, ensuring you can support the squadron while shopping at your favorite stores.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Petro Canada
  • Shell
  • Roots
  • Gap
  • Bureau en Gros
  • Walmart
  • Amazon.ca
  • Metro
  • Loblaws
  • And so many more!

Simply visit Fundscrip and provide the following Access Code to contribute to our squadron.

Access Code: LMX6GY

Visit Fundscrip